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How to Install Or Replace an Asphalt Shingle Roof

Roofing services, including leak detection and repair, are now an integral part of most homes and businesses. Whether you’re repairing a single shingle, replacing a section of your roof or extending a repair, the right service can help prevent future problems by checking for leaks, eliminating the risk of roof replacement and more. Before hiring a company to fix your roof, make sure they provide comprehensive leak detection and repair services, as well as an estimate on repairing a large or expensive leak.

Leaks are the most damaging damage to any home or business, causing untold thousands of dollars in damage to homes and businesses every year. While most leaks are small and easy to spot, there are some that may not be easily seen and may be much more severe. In order to prevent further damage to your home and/or business, hire a company to detect and repair any roof leak that they find. As far as roofing services available go, there are many types of leaks and repairs. Depending upon the location and severity of the leak, different repair methods are used.

For example, you might need to remove a tree branch, clean the gutters or downspouts and insert new ones. Other repairs include repairing damaged shingles or replacing a section of your roof. The cost of roofing repairs will depend on the type of repair needed, where it’s located and the amount of work involved. A simple repair to a single shingle could end up costing as much as $200, whereas installing an asphalt shingle roof could end up being quite the opposite.

When hiring a company to perform a job like installing an asphalt shingle roof, the first step is to get a free estimate. Many companies offer free estimates, but be sure to ask for a quote over the phone or in person before allowing a contractor to come to the house. A good way to determine how much work will be required is by looking at the cost of doing the job. For instance, if the estimate requires the roofing company to lift and dispose of the old roofing shingles, that may cost more than simply installing one new shingle.

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